I live in Woodstock Ontario Canada EDT
I started recording and editing after I wrote my second Children's Book OwlCat Faces Big Bad The Bully in 2014.
My recordings are done on audacity.  I have a mac and my microphone is an AT2020. The preamp is a Scarlet 2i2. 


My new booth was designed by Bob Breen

from Armour Pro Audio in Woodstock Ontario.

Let's get started.  I can't wait! Please have the following info ready-HZ settings,bit rate 16,24 or 32, export Wav, mp3, mp4 or other.  What do I name the file? How much empty space front before my voice? After my voice? Your time zone. Phone number.  How do you want the file or files sent to you?  Do you want the voice-over raw or edited? What volume do you want the file to be? Deadline?

Assorted Reads - AVA
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OwlCat Faces Big Bad The Bully

Let's talk about your budget and your deadline. 
Payment options: PayPal, Cheque, or Interac e-Transfer
Avelea Broadhurst



OwlCat-Children's BookAvelea Broadhurst
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To learn more about my Children's books, OwlCat Plushie and World Peace buttons click on the OwlCat book!

I edited 25 Poems for Robyn's art show.