Avelea lives in Woodstock Ontario Canada EDT

Avelea started recording and editing after she wrote her second Children's Book OwlCat Faces Big Bad The Bully in 2014.

Ava records with audacity.  She has a mac and her microphone is an AT2020. Her preamp is a Scarlet 2i2. 

Assorted Reads - AVA
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Her client list is growing.

Tivolli Films

Norma Nixon WaterColours

Risk Review Inc.

Robyn Marie Butt author

Many clients from Voice Bunny

Avaline Books

Ava edited 25 Poems for Robyn's art show.

A creative POP Filter LOL

   My first booth. I tried every room in the house!

Let's talk about your budget and your deadline. 

Payment options: PayPal or cheque. 



Click on mic for Ava's narrated Children's Books